Scot Appert BA, BBEC is a healthy ecological builder and Building Biologist with over 25 years' experience in the Seattle area. He is a certified Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant and is a Certified Renovator for lead detection and mitigation. Scot has inspected and provided consulting services for hundreds of homes, commercial spaces and building projects across North America. Scot works closely with home owners, architects, builders and doctors to provide clients and patients with superior building inspections, mitigation and healthy ecological building services.

Scot offers inspection services and healthy building consultation and construction; including assessments of how your home or work space may be affecting your health and educational services. Also, specialty programs such as Building Biology workshops, healthy home baby programs and healthy school programs.

In Building Biology (Bau Biologie), every aspect of the built environment contributes to the creation of an interior eco system which may positively or negatively affect our health and well-being. It is a rare pleasure to enter a building in which a natural auto-regulating interior eco-system has been created. The air is clean, the building materials, finishes and decor are natural, the moisture level does not permit the growth of mold and organisms, the EMF environment is quiet, the oxygen content is optimal, the acoustics are comfortable, there is a gentle flow of the subtle energetics. It is a harmonious nurturing space.

BioHealthy Homes can help you create this...from the ground up or optimizing your existing space.

Scot Appert BA, BBEC

Healthy Ecological Builder/ Remodeling Professional

Building Biologist &

Environmental Consultant

Healthy Home and Office Inspector

Phone: (206) 883.1694

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